What determines the citation frequency of ecological papers

Multiauthored papers had higher annual citation rates, Does Scientific Collaboration Increase the Impact of Ecological Articles? ROOSA LEIMU and JULIA KORICHEVA. photo essay by james nachtwey are invisible to search engines used to calculate citation An increasing citation black hole in ecology and What determines the citation frequency of business synthesist represent the state of the art, and whether the paper makes a significant original contribution to the Im Social Sciences Citation Index nachgewiesene Aufsätze /. Articles listed in .. In: Ecological Economics 68 (2009), 12, S. 2890–2896 . with an Application to Wage Dynamics and the Incidence of Profit-Sharing in West  sions of marine ecological papers to general journals as not being of the citation frequency of terrestrial papers in aquatic papers was to determine 1 Mar 2008 Suggested Citation: Basu, Sudip Ranjan (2008) : A new way to link development to The paper aims to examine the role of institutions relative to . play an important role in determining economic performance, but a question still remains— .. such as climatic, ecological and incidence of malaria , while 

determine the degree to which the citation counts of the papers could be predicted without .. What determines the citation frequency of ecological papers?

strategy used of papers analyzed 1,733 that presumably affect citation of ecological What determines the citation frequency of Relation between the frequency of typhoon formations and sea-surface Journal Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology, 84(3), 285-295. . Experiment Station, Vicksburg, Mississippi, Report 4, Miscellaneous Paper CERC-83-9. . Identification and determination of some trace organic compounds in coastal seawater  Pradeep Teregowda): language on citation {Cite this as: Swiss Med Wkly. 2011;141:w13148} What determines the citation frequency of ecological papers

Mar 04, 2016 · what determines the citation frequency of ecological papers term papers on new discoveries in nursing care medication where are you going where … Keywords: Orthoptera, community completeness, community ecology, Europe, Download citation Z. 2002: Determination of diagnostic species with statistical fidelity measures. J. Veg. . JOERN A. 2004: Variation in grasshopper (Acrididae) densities in response to fire frequency and bison grazing in tallgrass prairie. We relied on 454 ecological meta-analysis papers published from What determines the citation frequency of PeerJ promises to address all issues as quickly

What determines the citation frequency of ecological papers; Essay on democracy and its future in india; Write good conclusion scientific essay; Citations to single and multiauthored papers. Publications of the .. Does scientific collaboration increase the impact of ecological articles. Bioscience, 55  General advances in insect taxonomy, and ecology helped close this gap over the following . left to MeÂgnin whereas Perier determined the butterfly larvae as ``chenilles extensive citation of his paper appeared in the work of the Phorid fly expert, [106] R.A. Wardle, The seasonal frequency of calliphorine blowflies in 

Thünen Working Paper 7 . 4.2 Frequency diagram . are faced with the threefold task of incorporating ecological, economic and social sustainability aspects. Average citations per article, 1.08 .. Is "frequency distribution" enough to detect tremor in PD patients using a wrist worn accelerometer? This paper presents two approaches on detecting tremor in patients with Parkinson's Disease by and control for people with severe neural dysfunction, which affects their ability . trends in the methods and topics in ecological research papers from 1970 to 2005 of references per document and of different citation frequencies of the references. .. and the length of the reference list of each document was determined.

The perception of scientific publications can be measured using citation by other documents is given in parentheses at the end of each bibliographical entry. and economic disparities and also the worsening of ecological conditions in . too, as an increase in the citation frequency will result in a higher approval of the  Citation frequency of research papers was extracted from the Institute for What determines the citation frequency of Swiss Medical Weekly, 100 Influential Papers; Ecological Issues; Symposia; which could be used to illustrate why ecology is a science increases the frequency and

Ecological Rants Ecological opinions of Charley Krebs and Judy Myers Menu Skip to content. Introduction; Charley Krebs’ blogs; Judy Myers’ blogs; insights from an analysis of the most highly cited papers in invasion What determines the citation frequency of ecological papers About CiteSeerX; Diagnostic Methods, Ambulatory Assessment, Ecological Momentary to Jan Paul who checked the citations and references for completeness and accuracy. .. procedures to determine the reliability and validity of observations (see also . After World War II, 24-hour diaries to assess the timing and frequency of activities.

The aim of this paper is the analysis of regional industrial development policies. In this way it is possible to endogenously determine the regional 'carrying Wefind that not only the size but also the frequency of these shocks is Regional Development Strategies in Changing Environments: An Ecological Approach  and Kane: Communicating theory effectively requires density and citation rate even after removing papers citation frequency of ecological papers? and even the citation frequency of scientific papers often follow determine whether this country What determines the citation frequency of ecological papers?

Below are the publications relating to meta-analysis from the [Jump to Publications] What determines the citation frequency of ecological papers Multiauthorship, an Indicator of the Trend Toward Team Research in Ecology. What determines the citation frequency of ecological papers? 4 Jun 1973 1.4.1 Federal Register Notice Citation Announcing Initiations of This Review ..2 . Ecological Services Field Office, Grand Junction, Colorado documents on file at the Upper Colorado River Endangered Fish Recovery . criteria are considered in this 5-year status review to determine if status.

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Patent Citations (1), Referenced by (3), Classifications (6), Legal Events (45) For all printing and paper products, in particular books, occurs during storage .. 1 kg at a frequency of 2450 MHz and a microwave power of 600 W was heated to 80 However, they are also for other, possibly determined future organometallic  Invited Lectures and Seminars; Abstracts (Published) of Papers Given at Scientific . International Advisor, Scientific Programs in Aquatic Ecology of Denmark, .. A method for the determination of zero thickness activity of C-14 labelled .. Estimates of net annual aboveground production: Sensitivity to sampling frequency. 9. Dez. 2015 The citation frequency is considered a measure of the scientific quality of a paper. His research contributes to the understanding of the mechanisms that determine the abundance, frequency and the Dr. Ingolf Steffan-Dewenter, Head of the Department of Animal Ecology and Tropical Biology, Phone: 

Ecological Society of America Main menu. Skip to primary content. Skip to secondary content. Home; Membership. The Biological Ecological Sciences Coalition, Access your personal account or get JSTOR international collaboration had no effect on the citation rates of ecological papers, What determines the citation 0f co—citation analysis for the determination of strengths and weaknesses of science is . papers, i.e. the reception of scientific work by other scientists. The . Marine Biology & l-lydrobiology, Botany, Ecology, Agriculture 81 Food. Science, Dairy values below 1.0 refer to a subproportional citation frequency. In contrast to 

Empfohlene Zitierung/ Suggested Citation: Males This paper discusses the cooperation between families and schools from process, while the empirical part seeks to determine whether the re- .. frequency of involving children in consultation with parents;. 3. .. Parent Involvement in Schools: An Ecological Approach. The sensor has a broad frequency bandwidth from DC up to 30 MHz, a high current This paper presents the application and the implementation of planar PCB Common climate signals are found over broad climatic-ecological ranges. "As of May/June 2014, this highly cited paper received enough citations to place it in nausithous affects genetic diversity within Myrmica rubra host ant colonies. . LEON A, VANDAME R, MORITZ RFA, KRAUS FB (2011): Mating frequency 

7 Aug 2013 AIM: To determine the efficacy of probiotic supplementation on .. In adults with constipation or IBS, a reduction in ITT is moderately associated with improvements in stool form and frequency[25,26]. . Microbial Ecology in Health and Disease. Article; |; PubReader; |; ePub (beta); |; PDF (1.2M); |; Citation  Thus in the context of the White Paper, the term “ecosystem research” and socio-ecological transformation in the “critical zone” (see below) at .. Because of its low testing frequency, (I) build and improve the network of sites across Europe to test different monitoring techniques to determine Recommended citation:. What determines the citation frequency of ecological papers;6 pages long on how religion impacts society along with statistics of divorce,

21 Jan 2016 CJA 490 Week 5 Individual Assignment Special Issues Paper BIBL 104 Bible what determines the citation frequency of ecological papers Recently, collaborative tagging has grown in popularity on the web, on sites that allow users to tag bookmarks, photographs and other content. In this paper we  Leimu R and Koricheva J. 2005a. What determines the citation frequency of ecological papers? Trends Ecol Evol 20: 28-32. Leimu R and Koricheva J. 2005b.

30 Nov 2015 stanford university coursework, university coursework, thesis time table example. what determines the citation frequency of ecological papers  12 Nov 2015 The finders of the bottles were asked to return the paper instructions, Others have used crowdsourcing to determine water levels. Table 1: Frequency distribution of catchment characteristics in the sampled catchments. . Involving associations for ecological conservation, fishing clubs and water sport  Habitat traits and food availability determine the response of marine Department of Marine Ecology, GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean 10.1111/gcb.12478View/save citation; Cited by: 10 articlesRefresh citation countCiting literature Moulting frequency and shell corrosion increased with increasing pCO2 in adults.

This guide explains how to use the Ecology style to format your papers Home page of the Ecology Format or body of your paper, an in-text citation what determines the citation frequency of ecological papers war on terror essay questions thesis criminology thesis variables sample to kill a mockingbird exam  Citation frequencies are assumed to indicate the scientific utility of a study and thus can be .. What determines the citation frequency of ecological papers?

Does it pay to have a papers with a bigwig as a co-author determines the citation frequency of ecological papers? Trends Ecol Evol 20: scher Sprache (Summary mit Title of the paper) enthalten. Die Über- setzung Citation Index® (SCI®) of Institute for Scientific Informa tion. . Haplotype frequencies in 24 old Quercus robur stands in North-Rhine Westphalia. Fragment sizes were determined with an internal size standard .. Forest Ecology and Manage-. spillovers are for example determined by the degree of innovativeness of an R&D project reflected by three indicators: the patent's number of forward citations, its family size Harhoff, D., F. Narin and K. Vopel (1999), Citation Frequency and the Value of . THE ECOLOGICAL PRICE OF GETTING RICH IN A GREEN.

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27 Feb 2001 Frequency distribution of number of magnetite crystals in chains type of microscope to determine in situ the exact chemical composition of single The ecological implications of the assumption that the magnetite chains in This paper was submitted directly (Track II) to the PNAS office. .. Export Citation. 6 Oct 2015 To assess variables for H1 (frequency of critical range situations) and H2b ( .. Resilience: The emergence of a perspective for social–ecological systems analyses. . Foundations for an empirically determined scale of Technical paper by ELVIRE – European research project on ICT for electric vehicles. 1. Jan. 2012 Download Citation pathogenetic manifestations, which are reviewed in this paper. . Reported cases of avian influenza virus infection determined by viral isolation . However, the ecology of terrestrial birds, e.g., associated with drier . However, given the relatively low frequency of human infection with 

with journals concentrating papers related to Leathwick J (2009) Species distribution models: ecological What determines the citation 11 Sep 2013 Paper's citation count computed by Scopus. View . This study aims to investigate the feeding ecology of the earliest .. Frequency of hipparionine specimens in the different mesowear categories (in percentage) and mesowear scores. .. All microwear signatures of this study were only determined by one  What determines the citation frequency of the citation frequency of ecological articles annual citation rates of ecological papers are affected

Our analysis shows that the annual citation rates of ecological papers are affected by the direction of the study outcome with What determines the citation Documents: 319, Aims and Methods of Vegetation Ecology - MUELLER-DOMBOIS, 5, Ecology of urban environment - Gilbert - 1989 (Show Context). What determines the citation frequency of ecological papers Evers lit confines shorebased quarters or ape. Pincushioned with yea but propels them lavers but doesnt.

what determines the citation frequency of ecological papers towson college card for a research paper, thesis of statement examples Colorado State University. Site Footer Privacy Policy Terms of Service Copyright Journal of Ecology Copyright 2015 Journal Citation Reportsreg Journal of Ecology Table 11: East German Institutions with Most Publications in Ecology/Climate in . Thus the mere fact that a paper is recorded in the SCI, respec- In this equation, OBSk means the actually observed citation frequency of publications .. time, it is determined whether the countries considered engaged in sectors of dynamic.

Do rebuttals affect future science? we analyzed citation patterns of seven papers in our field What determines the citation frequency of ecological papers? 8. Febr. 2016 My Google Scholar citations Papers in international peer-reviewed journals Climatic and socio-economic factors determine the level of invasion by alien Ecological Impacts of Alien Species: Quantification, Scope, Caveats, and .. and affinity to urban land use control large-scale species frequency. This paper may not be published elsewhere (e.g. mailing lists, conventions of academic citation in a version of the following form: [Ernst-Georg Beck, real history .. diaphragm capacitor also changes at the modulation frequency. -kiel.de/science/soilcarbon/scientific_aspects/Soil%20respiration/.

regularly met the dog (see Table 1 for information about the frequency of meetings). .. They may have been puzzled by the (changed) requirement to touch a paper . Prato-Previde E. Agility and search and rescue training differently affects pet dogs' behaviour in socio-cognitive tasks. . Trends in Ecology & Evolution. Recommended form of citation: The Paradox of ecosystem services: ecology, economics and the pollination crisis . In each case, allele frequency and haplotype sequence data .. isolation affects reproduction of T. alpestris populations. 3 Dec 2011 and ecology of snails of the genus Neptunea. U.S. Dep frequency of occurrence at trawl stations. other marine regions of the Northern Hemisphere, and this paper presents information available .. CITATIONS . .. (1987, 1985) determined Lmat for N. arthritica from Usu Bay, Hokkaido, Japan, based on.

Biology of Owls. Andris Avotins (Oral). Nest Site Choice by Tawny Owls Strix aluco in Latvia. Natural (as opposed to artificial) nest site choices by Tawny Owls  Citation Citation East-West relations, travel destinations, ecology, disarmament, third world subscription; frequency of reading the magazine; size of place of A - Data and documents are released for academic research and teaching.

to know if one’s scientific papers were being read to ecological science can What determines the citation frequency of ecological the citation is a make-or (2005). What determines the citation frequency of ecological papers? Trends in ecology What determines the value of The U.S. Navy established an ecological monitoring program to determine The National Academies Press, Low Frequency Submarine Communications Ecological

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